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Ada Mae (Wakefield) Taylor graduated in 1940. Passed away August 23, 2003. 
Mother of Lewis, Glenn, Roger Taylor, and Yvonne McCullar.

Gladys Marie (Gray) Dickinson, Class of 1940, Passed 5/13/2009

Christine Baccus DeFoor, Class of 1948, Died December 24, 1999

Orville Dennis Steele, Class of 1948, March 24, 1929 - July 5, 2014

Louise Wallace Curtis, Class of 1949, Passed October 1992

Coach Oliver Woodard died May 5, 2010 at Cullman, Al

Kenneth Carroll, Class of 1952, Died in 2002

Ruby Covington Williams, Class of 1952, Died March 3, 2010

Ted Godsey, Class of 1952

Frances Graves Frazier, Class of 1952, Died 2009

Virginia Hampton Bradberry, Class of 1952

Bob Hood, Class of 1952

Bill Killen, Class of 1952, Died 2008

Carolyn Self, Class of 1952

James Sutherland, Class of 1952, Died December 2008

William Horace Killen (Bill), Class of 1953 dies September 2008

Hubert Godsey, Class of 1954, Passed September 12, 2001

Donald Singleton Posey, 1954 Graduate, 1934-2000

Kenneth Beasley, Class of 1954 passed October 3, 2012 in Royal Palm Beach, Fl.

Glenn D. McKeever, Class of 1955 Passed February 6, 2014

Earl Frank Lyle, Class of 1957, Passed March 1, 1973

Marie Brock Fowler, Class of 1957, Passed February 2010

John Snoddy, Class of 1957

Kenneth Shaddix, Class of 1957

Larry Gene Comeens, Class of 1957, August 12, 1938- December 11, 1997

Zora Dephnie McCullar Denard, Class of 1958, Passed April 6, 2007

John Lamar Comeens, Class of 1958, August 12, 1940-August 09, 1991

Pat Shaddix, Class of 1960

Charles Wayne Little, class of 1960, passed away Feb 22, 2005 - He is missed by all his family for his sense of humor and love!

Athel Clinton (Bub) Shaddix, Class of 1960

Roger Dale Guthrie - Class of 1961 Passed July 25, 2000.

Nelda Bull Burgess, Class of 1961 and died on January 14, 2009 

Janie Moody Sedenquist, Class of 1961

Larrie Godsey, Class of 1961, Passed December 1990

Bobby Wallace, Class of 1961
May 2, 1942-November 6, 1999
Bobby was owner of County Ambulance. The Ambulance service that sit on our side lines for WCHS football games as well as Mini Jacket football games from 1988 till his death in 1999. County Ambulance still covered ballgames for one year after his death.

Charles W. McKeever, class of 1962, passed away April 8, 2006.

Dotty White Waid- Huskey, Class of 1962
Passed February 17, 2005

Luther Wayne Comeens, Class of 1962, Passed October 7, 2008

Judy Turner Vickery, Class of 1962

Jimmy Vickery passed 1/29/10

Camilla Shewbart Williams, Class of 1962, Passed 3/23/2009

William Adams, Class of 1963, Deceased August 8, 2012

Terry Benson Waid, March 26, 1946-April 15, 2012

Wayne ("Chicken") Cockrell, Class of 1965, Passed away Dec 2006

Gary Patton, Class of 1965

Larry Webb, Class of 1965

Paulette Hood, Class of 1965

Sue Whitman, Class of 1965

Sammy Bailey, Class of 1965

Glen Ford, Class of 1965

Spurgeon Grace, Class of 1965

Ken Williams, Class of 1965 passed 12/4/2011

Milton Tidwell, Class of 1965 passed 3/6/2012

Norma Jean Prater McGee, Class of 1965, Passed 2011

Ronnie Godsey, Class of 1966

Danny Noblett, Graduated in 60's

Billy McCullar, Class of 1966
 Passed February 2006

Ben Jerry Brock, Class of 1966 (deceased April 22, 2012)

Palmer Jackson “P.J.” Moody Class of 1968, Passed January 26, 2008

Larry Robins, Class of 1968, Passed September 2007

Alton Taylor, Class of 1969 Passed 2007

Donald Edward Bell, Class 1971 Passed 12/5/81

Marcus "Allen" Barnes-Class of 1971
Allen Barnes passed away in June 2008. He will always be remembered by his family and friends. Actually... to those that knew Allen ...family was first and real friends were almost indiscernible from family. We all loved Allen, including..
Rick McNutt (class of 1972), who passed away in 2008. Allen's family was Rick's family and vise versa. It has been incredibly hard to lose them both. We will always miss Allen and Rick and mourn their absence in our lives. -Valri
Ricky McNutt, Class of 1972 - He was successfully self-employed for 25 years. He left behind many who loved and miss him still...two sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law and a grandson (as determined as Rick could always be), brothers and family and many friends. He will never be forgotten and always missed.

John "Rick" McNutt, Class of 1972

Waylon Brewer, Class of 1972

Mike Gilbreath, Class of 1972

Mike Mayhall, Class of 1972

Rowland Freeman, Class of 1972

Debra Blanton, Class of 1972

Darryl Watson, Class of 1972

Donna Moody Pearson, Class of 1972

Ricky Lewis Dec. 7, 1954 - March 12, 2005

Kenny Ergle Graduated in 1973

Mark D. Taylor, Class of 1973, Passed on March 16, 2011

Johnny Paul Spain, Class of 1974

Johnny D. Godsey, Class of 1974, Passed 2008

Dianne Lewis Stidham Class of 1974
Feb. 28, 1956 - April 30, 2004

Sue (Bailey) Pate, Class of 1974, died on September 20, 2008

Robert Powell, Class of 1975

Preston R., Curtis, Class of 1976, passed away February 6, 2007 (born November 18, 1957)

Arlie Jim Davis, Class of 1976, passed away December 21, 1996 (born October 7, 1958)

Jay Whitehead, 1959-1977

Patricia Bailey Hood, Class of 1977-She was a precious friend and classmate.

Martha Gail Cagle, Class of 1979

Brent Howell, Class of 1979

Mike Corbin, Class of 1979

Jeff Lester,  Class of 1979

Paul Godsey, Class of 1979

Eddie Watson,  Class of 1979

Tony Eugene Cole, Class of 1978 
(1960 - 1981)

Sandra Baldy Hollaway, Class of 1980, passed 8/12/2011

Anthony Ayers, Class of 1980

Phillip Shell, Class of 1980

Pam Thompson, Class of 1980, Passed 2008

Mandy Tidwell, Class of 1980, Passed 2010

Toby McCullar, Class of 1981

Wally Reichelt, Class of 1981

Marlon Thompson, Class of 1981

Mike Echols, Class of 1981

Randy Adams Class of 1982

Scott Key Class of 1982

Michelle Lovett Class of 1982

Connie Brockway Class of 1982

Doug Noblett Class of 1982

Lisa Roberts Larsen Class of 1983

Keith (Buford) Harris Class of 1983, Passed July 1998

Lisa Williams Lewis Class Of1983, Passed 1993

Sheila Jackson Moorhead, Class of 1984

David Brooks, Class of 1985- Died July 25, 2010

Sharron Fowler, Class of 1986

Randy Gates, Class of 1986, Passed June 6 2014

Russell Mckeever, Class of 1987- Passed away April 2010

James Bonner, Class of 1987

Martin Young, Class of 1987, Passed February 15, 2011 - Loved by all
The hardest working person we know!

Tim Steele, Class of 1988

Michael Caudill, Class of 1988

Richard Humphries, Class of 1989, Passed 2009

Michael McCullar, Class of 1989, Passed 2007

Johnny Young, Class of 1989

Sandy Armstrong 1974-1989

Chad McClain Reid Bonds, Class of 1990

Sandy "Renay" Daniel Class of 1990, died 1/12/1989. Loved by all.

Terrence Boyd Dempsey Class of 1990,  passed away Sept. 6, 2009

Edmon Randolph Class of 1991

Chanda Chambers , Class of 1991, Passed 1989

Tracie (King) Bartlett, Class of 1991 Passed June 10, 1998

Jeremy Hall, Class of 1992, Passed February 19, 2009

Christopher Wesley Bartlett, Class of 1993

Teresa Alexander Curtis, Class of 1993

Ricky Allen Rice, Class of 1994 

Shanda Fuller, Class of 1994

Roy Jones, Class of 1994

Jimmy Ingram, Class of 1995, Passed 2007

Jeremy "Cornbread" Cornelius, Class of 1995, Passed 2008 

Tiffany Crowson Miles, Class of 1996

Jeremy Sutherland, Class of 1996,

Ben Turner, Class of 1997, Passed away April 2011 

Larry Shifflett, Class of 1997, Passed June 2008

Jeremy Winkles, Class of 1997

Justin (Marty) Martin, Class of 1997, Loved dearly by his family and friends

Jonathan Breed, class of 1997, Passed 2007

Scott Cornelius, Class of 1997, Passed 2013

Kimberly Callahan Lolley, Class of 1998

Melissa Cashwell, Class of 1998, Passed June 2004

Lisa Flanigan, Class of 1998

Mallory Seymour, Class of 2001

Joshua Callahan, Class of 2002

Michelle Kilgore, Class of 2002 (passed 1998)

Justin Stice, Class of 2003

Kyle Alford, Class of 2004, Passed July 2008

Rex Allen Chastain, Class of 2004, Passed March 18, 2010

Bradley Wakefield, Class of 2005, Passed November 2009


Dr. TM Blake

Thomas Malcolm Blake was born on Wednesday, July 18, 1917 in the old Blake house in Double Springs, the son of Thomas Morgan Blake MD of Cleburne County and Docia Hill of Winston County. He attended Winston County Elementary and Winston County High School, where he was an outstanding End and Right Halfback for the Yellow Jacket Football Team. Upon graduation in 1935 from WCHS, Dr. Blake attended Jacksonville State Teachers College in Jacksonville, Alabama and then attended Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now known as Auburn University) in Auburn, Alabama.

In 1939, he taught health, science, and history at Lynn High School, Lynn, Alabama, in Winston County. He was also an assistant coach for several sports.

He graduated from the University of Tennessee Medical School, served his internship at Norwood Hospital now known as Carraway Methodist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. Dr. Blake started his medical practice in Double Springs on Thursday, July 1, 1943 in the medical office building that had been used by his father.

Dr. Blake married Sarah Jayne Weldon of West Point, Georgia on Saturday, May 1, 1943. They had one daughter, Frances Ann Blake Murphy and three granddaughters, Brandy Jayne, Clancey Rae, and Linsey Blake Murphy. Jayne Blake, a Registered Nurse in Double Springs practice for many years, died on Saturday, August 2, 1969. After the death of Jayne, Dr. Blake married Iveen Berry Callahan of Haleyville, Alabama on Saturday, June 1, 1974.

Dr. Blake was honored by the town of Double Springs as "Man of the Year for 1952". The Winston County Alumni Association honored him as Outstanding Alumnus of 1962. The Winston County High School yearbook, the Winsaga, was dedicated to him. In 1981, the WCHS Football Stadium was officially named Malcolm Blake Stadium in honor of him. Dr. Blake also served the town of Double Springs as a councilman. In July 1997, Dr. Blake was inducted into the Winston County Sports Hall of Fame.

Dr. Blake was an old fashioned "country doctor". He traveled all over Winston County making house calls. During his medical career, Dr. Blake had patients from all over Winston, Cullman, Walker, and Marion Counties. In an article written about him in the Northwest Alabamian in 1981, he was reported at that time to have helped deliver more than 7,000 babies. Dr. Blake also served as the team doctor for the WCHS Yellow Jacket football team for 44 years.

Doctor Blake served the people of Double Springs and surrounding counties until he died of cancer on Saturday, August 26, 1989.

In 1994, a permanent black granite monument honoring him was erected and dedicated in front of his birthplace in Double Springs, part of the inscription on the monument reads, "Dr. Malcolm Blake was the perfect model for the legendary country doctor. Day or night, in fair or foul weather, he spent his entire adult life providing medical care for the citizens of this area. This memorial is dedicated to Dr. Blake's life and work."

This story is from the History of Winston County from the WCGS. More history can be found at the website


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