Discipline Plan


Classroom Discipline

Following rules that promote appropriate classroom behavior is an essential – it’s the right thing to do. Everyone must behave properly so all students have the chance for learning. Not only does misbehavior at school hinder learning - it affects the child from being all he/she can be. I will act as a facilitator in allowing the students to openly discuss problems they have. It is my responsibility to model how the students can take control of their own situation. Soon students will begin to handle their own problems. They will feel competent because they will be experienced in discussing, negotiating, and working through previous situations. In addition, we have visual behavior charts to help students monitor their behavior.

Individual students that have a difficult time following one or more of our classroom rules will be “carded” and a rule card will be placed in their personal pocket displayed on the behavior chart. If a student is “carded”, a letter will be sent home to the parent for notification, acknowledgement, and signature. That student will automatically loose minutes from “Free Choice Learning Time” and will continue to loose minutes daily until the parent notification letter is returned. Clips will be placed weekly on any student’s pocket that gets “carded” and they will not receive a “chance ticket” for a treat from the “Treasure Box” on Friday.

The last 30 minutes of each normal school day are designated for “Free Choice Learning Time”. It is at this time students choose their own learning activities (ex. puzzles, building blocks, play dough, etc.) and interact freely with each other.

Created by Evon McCurley
Inspired by Chris Biffle, Whole Brain Teaching